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Different Types Online Slot Games

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Are you tired of playing the same kind of slot games again and again? Did you know there are several different types of slot games like 99sports? Yes, you heard that right! If you’ve been just sticking to one type of slot game for all your life, then you may be missing out on a lot of fun.

Today, we’ll be taking you through some of the most popular types of online slot games. Read on to find out what each type is about, and next time you get into an online casino, don’t forget to try them out!

Popular Types of Online Slot Games

Three-reel Slot Machines (Classic Type)

If you’ve played slot games before, then you must’ve surely come across the 3-reel classic slot games. These are the most common types of slot machines. They are also extremely easy to play and master. Even beginners can easily play the 3-reel slot games.

In 3-reel slot games, three rows and three columns of symbols will appear on the display screen. The middle row is the “payline.” When the player bets their money and hits the spin button, the symbols start to shuffle. If the same symbols appear on the payline, then the player wins the game and receives the specified cash prize.

Five-Reel Slot Machines:

5-reel slots are also called video slots. Here, the slot does not have just one payline. In 5-reel slots, games can have even up to a hundred paylines. This means you have more chances of winning at 5-reel slot machines. 

Since there are more paylines and additional reels in this type, the paytables are also more detailed.

Feature Slots:

Under the feature slots category, you’ll get to play different kinds of slot games that offer exciting bonuses and even free spins. Feature slot games are extremely fun to play. Here, you also get to win real money by playing slots without investing any money from your pocket.

Fruit Machines:

Fruit machines are slightly different than the usual slot machines. However, they do fall under the same category. In fruit machines, you can either Nudge or Hold reels and use them to your advantage.

Sports Slots:

Another popular type of slot machine is the sports slots such as 99sports slot games. One of the main reasons why gamblers play on 99sports slots is because these games are highly attractive and diverse.

The graphics used in sports-themed slots are also very vibrant and captivating. 

Progressive Slots:

In progressive slots, the value or amount of the jackpot increases each time a player makes a bet until the winning combination appears and is won by a player. Progressive slots are great for experienced slot players who are serious about making money from slot games.

3D Slots:

3D slots are a newer version of slot games. They are also similar to video slots. However, the main difference is that, in 3D slots, animated characters usually appear and interact with the slot players during the game.

Different 3D slots offer different gameplay, storyline, and settings.

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