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Online Poker School – What You Need to Know

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Maybe you’ve never played poker before – or you’re a more experienced poker player wanting to up their game and cash in on bigger prizes. Today, there are a multitude of poker schools online and sites dedicated to this fascinating game where you can learn everything from the absolute fundamentals of the game to advanced strategies used by pro poker stars. So what should you consider when choosing an online poker school?

Can an online poker training site really improve my game?

The simple answer is, yes. Top level poker sites offer various tools for experienced poker players to up their cash-game skills. These sites typically provide a library of professionally edited video tutorials and other poker resources dealing with all aspects of advanced poker play. Many of the sites focus on the cash game (live action games or ring games) as well as poker tournaments, Texas Hold ‘em, and other popular high-level variations. The best sites usually have well-known pro poker players associated with them offering advice or featured in their learning material.

Other top sites concentrate on tournament action, with big name poker stars providing instruction as well as learning features such as interactive revision of poker hands, and poker simulators where you can ‘freeze’ the action while you consider your options without pressure, and therefore develop better analytical and strategic skills to improve your poker game.

Does online poker instruction cost?
Expect to pay for such high-level, pro based poker instruction and advanced learning features. Subscription fees can range from a few pounds to a lot more, and some sites charge one-time, up-front fees for full access. If you’re at this level of poker playing, it’s probably worth it, but shop around to make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

What about free poker tuition?
Many of the biggest poker sites provide basic poker study guides, aimed at the novice or absolute beginner poker player. There is no subscription or sign up fee and you can access a wide variety of video and other poker lesson material online and download poker resources. If you’re just staring out in poker, or don’t have much experience, these sites can be a good source to quickly learn the fundamentals or build on what you already know – but if your poker playing is at an intermediate or higher level, you probably won’t pick up much from such sites.

Make sure you choose an online poker school which matches your level, whether you’re an absolute beginner or slightly more experienced. And if you’re an intermediate poker player, or better, then shop carefully for the best value – because you’ll more than likely have to pay in order to access poker playing schools that actually offer something you’ll benefit from in terms of improving your poker game.

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