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What Are Progressive Slots? Everything You Need To Know!

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If you’re into the world of gambling, you may have heard of the term “progressive slots.” But what exactly do progressive slots mean? Don’t worry! We’re here to explain it to you! If you’re serious about winning some big money through slot machines, then you should try your luck at progressive slots on online casinos like IDNplay.

To learn more about progressive slots and how they work, just read one!

Progressive Slot Overview:

On websites like IDNplay, you may come across several slot machines that offer different kinds of jackpot amounts. While some slots offer fixed jackpot amounts, others are flexible. A progressive slot falls under the latter group. 

In a progressive slot, the jackpot prize is not fixed. Instead, the jackpot amount increases as more and more players bet their money on the slot and spin the wheels. This means the jackpot will keep rising every time a player plays the slot or spins the wheel until one lucky player hits the jackpot!

Types of Progressive Slots:

There are three types of progressive slots, explained below.

  • Local Progressives:

Local progressives are also known as “in-house” jackpots. Here, the jackpots are linked together between several slot machines within one casino. The slot machines may be located in different areas in the casino, or they may be linked through one single bank account.

On the other hand, on online casinos, local progressives are linked across 4-5 slot games. 

  • Standalone Jackpots:

As the name suggests, a standalone jackpot is reserved for only a single slot machine. Standalone jackpots are not linked to any other machines and do not form any network.

  • Wide Area Network Progressives:

In wide-area network progressives, you can get the chance of winning the largest jackpot. Here, the jackpot is linked between several slot machines from different casinos. Hence, the jackpot usually accumulates even up to $1 million, and sometimes even more than $10 million. Just imagine hitting that jackpot! It’ll be a life-changing moment!

More About Online Progressive Slots:

Online casinos and gambling websites like IDNplay are on the rise today. Hence, progressive slots and jackpots have become equally popular on online casinos as they are on land-based casinos. 

Are progressive online slots any different from on-land progressive slots? No, they mostly work in the same way. Every time you wager a bet on an online slot, a part of it goes into feeding and increasing the progressive jackpot amount. 

Due to the wide availability of online casinos today, players can easily play progressive slots even from their homes. 

Final Words:

The best part about a progressive slot is that it gives you the chance to turn your small betting money into a winning five- to six-figure cash prize. Hence, if you hit the jackpot, you can become a millionaire overnight with progressive slots.

However, winning progressive slots is not that easy as the odds of winning the game are about 1 in a million. So, here is where luck plays a vital role. There are millions of people out there who take part in progressive slots. Hence, all the players have equal odds of winning or losing the game!

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